Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Bad Day

After translated into BM : 

"sangat memalukan bagi seorang pelajar TESL sekiranya melakukan kesalahan tatabahasa."

"kamu tak layak langsung menggelarkan diri kamu sebagai pelajar TESL."


DR.M, tolonglah jangan seksa kami semua, ye, kami pelajar TESL tidak sehebat kamu tapi tidak perlulah untuk mengkondemkan kami sebegini rupa. kata-kata yang dihamburkan kepada kami, pelajar TESL amatlah memeritkan.

This statement made by classmate..

The question is, do we as a student still have a respect to lecturer like this??

okay, to be honest, we are not really good in English and even we are TESL student still we made 

mistakes. But isn't  that the nature of learning.

The point here is I totally disagree with how this particular lecturer conduct a lesson. 

there is pointless to condemn your student like this, it doesn't help to improve them at all, yet make 

things worst.

just don't think that being mean and extremely strict you can be respected by your student.

Don't expect us to be 24/7 perfect without making mistakes. we are just human beings.

Always keep in mind that NOBODY IN THIS WORLD IS PERFECT. perfect person is not a person


So please Dr.M, let us love you and don't make us to hate you. vainness only lead to your downfall.

Reminder for myself: Do respect your student like the way you want them to respect you.