Monday, 12 November 2012

me and friends

with the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most kind..

Hola everyone..I am Zue..ehm, its now my 3rd semester in Upsi..u know what, student life is not that easy..with lots of assignment, economic problem, relationship problem, problems with mates and all sorts of problem lah..u name it..

but above all, campus life also being soooooo that enjoyable if you know how to make friends with other..well, just like me, I don't really know how to socialize with people whom I just know. noooooootttt that easy to get myself close to strangers..but you know what, after almost a year being here in Upsi, now I have a lots of friends. let me introduce them to yuuuuuuuu..hehehehe
Noor Ma. kinder garden teacher to be..hehehehe...younger than me, but bigger than me...

this is Masturah. Nice girl .always ready to lend a hand any time. I know I can count on her..

yeah..kak ekin..look mature rite? future counsellor yow... roomate , sue. the best thing is we annoyed each other yet when its come to jalan2 and out together we are sooooo like a sister..hahaha

This is Joeyce Jill. My very first sidekick. My coursemate. she 's just a nice girl...mulut kepoh..haahahah..and the best thing is she also Sabahan..

ok...Maria is here..tall rite??yes she is..Sarawakian..and.......She's rock..yeeehaaaaa

this is my darling Aisyah..a little tiny creature..just like me..but beware!!! we are monster..yes we are..hahahah

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